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A especially hygienic cat litter box, with no odor.

katchit is antibacterial, durable and easy to clean. The scratch-resistant Enamel prevents the cat litter tray from retaining bad smells.


The katchit cat litter box is appealing due to its aesthetic and modern design.

Our cat litter tray is suitable for all surroundings - no matter what style of furniture you prefer.


Our cat litter box is ethically produced and friendly to the environment.

We only use colors without heavy metals, have short transport routes and are proud of a fair wage structure.


Makes an impression, not a bad smell.

Cats like katchit!

katchit, the hygienic litter box.
Porcelain enamel and aluminum
100% Made in Germany

48 cm


14 cm


3,6 kg



Designed & Made in Germany

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The hygiene

katchit sets new standards in hygiene. It can be cleaned easily using water and does not retain any bad smells. Unlike plastic litter trays, the non-porous surface of enamel is antibacterial and easy to clean over many years. This is why enamel is also commonly used for sanitary purposes and in the kitchen.


The material

katchit is made from steel sheet plate coated with enamel and anodised aluminium. The enamel is melted onto the steel at high temperatures. This creates a glass-like surface which is very resistant to scratching and to acids and lyes. katchit is extremely durable, sustainable and 100% recyclable.


The design

katchit is the result of our many years of experience in product design and is characterised by its clear, timeless design. The round shape corresponds to the natural behaviour of a cat to circle in the litter tray. High aesthetics and functionality for all surroundings.

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60 days money back guarantee