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Quality and sustainability - 100% made in Germany.

katchit - will last a lifetime with good care.

elegant design - for your cat and your home.

Because we care about the environment - all of our materials are 100% recyclable.


timeless design

odorless comfort

katchit, the odourless litter box.
100% Made in Germany.


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Since 2014 we have regularly received messages from satisfied cat lovers. Here is a selection of those messages:

I must say I’m really impressed. I liked the design anyway, but there really are no more unpleasant odours. That was always an issue, especially in the heat. I also thought it was too small. It’s not. So it’s really great. I have no regrets about. Yours sincerely… – Lia


I am now the proud owner of a “katchit” litter box and I already know that I will never give it back! I am absolutely thrilled and would never have thought that your product would be so different from other litter trays. First of all, I would like to say that “katchit” is a real eye-catcher – in a positive sense! I would have preferred to make my old litter boxes invisible. “Katchit” is not only very elegantly finished, but also tasteful in shape, colour and size! – Yasmin


After about 15 months of experience with four cats and two Katchits (out of a total of six litter boxes), I can report that the Katchits are the absolute favourites. They are used by far the most. Our cat lady won’t use any other litter box. We will certainly be replacing all the toilets with katchits over time. It’s great that your product is out there! – Natalie

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