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Interesting facts about the environmentally friendly, odorless litter box from katchit.


Sustainable quality made in Germany.

katchit is designed as a sustainable litter box to serve a life time. Should you ever decide to part with it, its enamel and aluminium are 100% recyclable. Our katchits are manufactured exclusively in Germany – by owner-managed, medium-sized companies. Fair working conditions and short transport routes are just as important to us as quality craftsmanship.


The odorless litter box and its benefits.

Does it sometimes smell “like cat” in your home? This is probably due to your plastic litter tray, which does not get odour-free despite frequent cleaning. Cats are clean and sensitive to odours. They don’t like the smell of their own droppings or that of household cleaners. katchit is easy to clean with just water – and remains free of odour even after many years of use.

Frequently asked questions about the katchit litter box.

Yes – A unique round shape and a diameter of 480mm make katchit roomy enough for even larger size cats.

No. You can use your preferred cat litter.

The non-porous enamel surface of katchit is antibacterial, permanently easy to care for and hygienic. You only need water and paper kitchen towels. If there are any dried-on residues, simply leave to soak in water and wipe clean. No scouring or steel wool are required. The use of cleansing agents is not advisable due to the keen sense of smell of cats.

katchit is made from steel and aluminium, is recyclable and does not contain any toxic substances. Only paints without heavy metal are used. katchit is produced in Germany by owner-operated, medium-sized companies with a fair wage structure. There are no long transport distances during production.

It’s very simple. Because katchit lasts forever. When treated properly, Katchit has a practically unlimited product life. It’s no longer necessary to buy new cat litter trays. The timeless design facilitates a very long use.

That’s what our customers say.

The litter box has arrived and has been in use for a few days. I have to say I am really excited. I liked the design anyway, but there are really no more unpleasant smells left. That was always bad, especially in the heat. The other point was that I thought she was too small. She is not. So really great. I haven’t regretted ordering it. With best regards…

Dear Katchit team, I recently became the proud owner of a “Katchit” litter box and I already know: I’ll never give it back! I am absolutely thrilled and would never have thought that your product would differ so significantly from other litter boxes. First of all, I would like to say that “Katchit” is a real eye-catcher – in a positive sense! I would have loved to conjure up my old litter box invisibly, but “Katchit” is not only extremely elegant, but also extremely tasteful in shape, color and size! And now the really important aspect: hygiene and smell. My “Katchit” is used by three cats: Rakchoi, Dotcom and Olga, a Maine Coon lady weighing almost 10 kilos. So I am not understating when I say that the litter box is under constant “fire”. Before “Katchit” I either had to buy completely overpriced cat litter or really change it completely every other day. Now everything is different: I can use cheap litter and only have to carry out a complete change once a week! I find that with THREE cats and ONE litter box really more than amazing! My bathroom (windowless!) Is absolutely odorless and my three divas are visibly satisfied. The “Katchit” is also absolutely sufficient and comfortable for my little giant Olga. And finally: cleaning the “Katchit” litter box is a whole lot easier than cleaning other litter boxes. I always had to scrub, use all the cleaning agents, scrub more … and yet the urine etched deeper and deeper into the plastic. “Katchit” only needs a little lukewarm water, and everything is sparkling clean and clean again. Conclusion: You are selling a great product – every cat owner (and every cat!) Should enjoy a “Katchit” litter box! Best regards – Yasmin S.

Hello Herr von Halem, we are a small hobby breed with a total of 12 cats living in Karlsruhe. We came across your Katchit litter box by chance. After several discussions, despite the price, we decided to try to get a copy. Our expectations were exceeded, because from the moment this litter box was set up, it was the favorite of our whole pack. The conventional plastic toilets found fewer and fewer users. So we decided to buy more Katchit toilets. We would like to point out that we are not purchased or sponsored buyers as our cats and we are incorruptible. Many casts from Karlsruhe.

After around 15 months of experience with four cats and two Katchits (out of a total of six toilets), I can report that the Katchits are absolute favorites. This means that they are used the most by far. Our cat lady doesn’t go to any other toilet anymore. We will surely replace all toilets with Katchit over time. It’s great that your product exists!

Sorry for the late mail – our katchit arrived last week and we are very happy with it. Our 7-month-old Siberian jumped in it right away! Thank you, Rebecca

Insights into production

The blank base is made of a special steel suitable for enamelling

A look into the furnace; firing at 850 degrees

Bottom fresh from the oven

The creators of the cat litter box

Klaus von Halem

The impetus to think about a hygienic cat litter tray came from our own cat with the original name of Mieze. Neither Mieze nor I were happy with the existing litter trays. The plastic trays I used to buy continually always started to smell after a few months, even though I always scrubbed them intensively. Mieze showed her appreciation of my hard work in keeping her tray clean by secretly peeing in the pots of my house plants. As the owner of Emailleschilder von Halem GmbH, a company which makes enamel signs, I am very familiar with the properties of enamel – and katchit was born. Our home no longer “smells of cat” and our house plants also look a lot healthier

Christian Schäffler

I am not a cat owner myself, but I have noticed something in the homes of friends and cat-owners: Traditional cat toilets are not a feast for the eyes. They detract from the aesthetics of any high-end living room or bathroom. I also doubt the functionality of rectangular plastic litter boxes, as cats always turn around several times before doing their business. Why not a round litter tray? A form with no edges adapts more to the cat’s natural behaviour. Made from high quality materials, with a clear, timeless shape and colour scheme – to blend in with any living space. I have been designing high-quality sanitary products for many years. And that’s how katchit evolved.

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